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Frequently asked questions

Where do I find my game?

The shop is divided into the major competitions we film. Intrust Super Cup, FOGS Colts, BRL etc. If your game is held in one of those comps then click on the link and then choose the year, the round and which team.

I can't find my game but I know you filmed it?

It may be in our Rugby League Carnivals or Rugby League One Off Games categories, and pre-2017 games may be in the Older Videos section.

How does the download link work?

Once you have completed and paid for your order you will receive via email a link for you to download the game. This is automatically saved to the device or computer that you are using at that time. These files can then be put onto a USB or hard drive and played on any smart TV or laptop you choose.

I want a DVD instead of the download?

We can arrange that - but we have to warn you it is more expensive and a quarter of the quality so we really don't recommend it. DVDs have a shelf life of approximately 10 years so at some point you will need to back them up or risk losing that game forever anyway. Electronic files are the way to go! Get on board with the new technology available!

Can I just ring you and pay for it over the phone?

No; we are not setup as a retail store, our working weeks are spent at football grounds or getting the gear ready for the next week of games. If you call you will simply get directed back to the website.